Spotlight Spice: Mulling Spices

This week’s Spotlight Spice is our signature blend of Mulling Spices!

Mulling Spices

As we sipped from a warm, spicy mug of mulled cider, we began to ponder (or should we say mull) the origin of “mulling” beverages. The practice dates back thousands of years. Ancient Romans began drinking warm and spicy wine to stay healthy as colder weather set in. The process of adding spices and heating wine has been called a variety of things across many cultures, and the term mulling started showing up in writing and recipes in the 1600s. And it stuck.

But why? Well, it seems no one is entirely sure, but theories point back to a variety of root words with meanings ranging from funeral banquets to deep thought – and darn near everything between. What we are sure of is that we love mulled ciders and wines!

It’s easy to create your own mulled drinks at home. For a tasty and kid-friendly mulled cider, combine a gallon of apple juice or cider with a cup of cranberry juice, then heat on the stove with a quarter cup of our Mulling Spices until warm, but not simmering. Use the included cloth bag for the spices to avoid having to strain the mixture before serving.

Looking for a boozy alternative? Grab a couple bottles of cheap red wine and follow the same steps. Use a quarter cup of our Mulling Spices for every two bottles of wine. Low and slow is best. Don’t allow the wine to come to a simmer or boil or you’ll lose the alcohol. And that’s no fun at all.

Allow your mulled beverage to cool to comfortable drinking temperature, pull on your favorite sweater, and enjoy!

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