Spotlight Spice: Leek Flakes

Leek Flakes

Ahh, the humble leek…fodder for all kinds of puns. (Take a leek! There's a leek in my boat! This stock pot seems leek-y to me!).


Less hilariously, but more tastily, Leek Flakes are this week’s Spotlight Spice! As part of the Allium family, the leek is a cousin to garlic, onions, shallots, and scallions. In fact, they resemble super-sized scallions with a small bulb on the end and a cylindrical stalk. Despite looking like giant scallions, leeks have a milder fragrance and flavor closer to a sweeter onion or a shallot.

Our Leek Flakes are a fantastic addition to soups, stews and casseroles. Give them a try in any recipe where you’d use green onions (potato soup is one of our favorites). Use 1 Tbsp. Leek Flakes for every four cups of liquid to impart flavor to soups and broths.

Leek Flakes are also an excellent addition to casseroles, quiche and egg dishes, lasagna, dips & spreads, rice and potato recipes, vegetables, pastas, and pestos.

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